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Praise Sharkey Support Services "Mandi is a breath of fresh air. She doesn't see the program first. She sees your child and your family first. She has such a wide variety of tools in her tool belt that you won't be able to get what she offers anywhere else. She has the unique ability to pick and choose what will work best for your family. She has an open mind which is the best thing you can have in the special needs community." -- Service Provider, California

"I've been looking for you forever :)  If I could I would only keep you for us :)" -- Parent, Kamloops (Behaviour Consultation)

"I would say that, outside her education, Mandi's key strength is the drive to find what works best for each child that is in her care" -- Parent, Calgary (Homeschool Support)

"J and I had our meeting with Mandi Sharkey yesterday and she impressed us both!  Her knowledge and expertise astounding, and she really gave us hope for things to work on with W.  I feel like we have a better plan of action for grade 9." -- Parent, Calgary, Alberta (Tech Support Advocate)

"I have seen first-hand Mandi's ability to adapt to different learning needs and experienced success through the coping strategies she taught my son so that he could transition out of a highly individualized and specialized programming. I cannot envision Mandi in another career with as much passion. She has been invaluable to my son's academic success." -- Parent, Okotoks, Alberta (Homeschool Support/Private Tutoring, Behaviour Consultation)

"Mandi has been such an amazing support to all my children. My kids were completely lost in the regular school system, not having any of their educational needs met with the extra support they need with their learning difficulties. Mandi has helped give them so many tools to build success and all in an environment that fosters allowing them to be themselves. I truly do not know or want to think about where my kids would be without all her help and guidance. To say Mandi has been a blessing in our lives is an understatement." -- Parent, Calgary, Alberta (Homeschool Support/Behaviour Consultation)

"I have seen first-hand the incredible work that you do and it will be a huge loss to the Calgary community to see you go! That said, I hope that the move to Kamloops brings tremendous personal and professional to you and your family.  Thank you for being such a generous advocate for Yellow Kite over this past year and for all of your efforts in making a difference in the lives of children who need it so very much. You are so appreciated." -- Child Psychologist, Calgary, Alberta

Mandi Sharkey has been teaching my autistic daughter Sarah for six years.  When Sarah first started with Sharkey Support Services, our goal was to get Sarah through her remaining years of junior high/high school. There was no thought of an education. Each year, over that time, Sarah improved both academically and socially. Sarah has now completed Grade 12 and has done so well that Mandi is now working with Sarah to prepare her   We are so thankful for Mandi Sharkey and Sharkey Support Services. -- Parent, Calgary, Alberta (Homeschool Support)

"Mandi has worked with our 7 and children.  She has done an excellent job of tailoring her teaching approach to their individual learning needs.  Mandi always ensures that the lesson will be interesting and for the kids.  As a result, our children always look forward to their lesson time with Mandi.  We feel very fortunate to Mandi's support with our children's learning especially since we have seen measurable results at school from our children having worked with Mandi." -- Parent, Calgary, Alberta (Private Tutoring)

"Thank you so much for all your hard work with R, our wish was always to see R get caught up to grade level and change the negative feelings he developed towards school when he was younger.  You did that for us and he can now handle setbacks so much better.  I believe he was only able to transition back to his community school because of the emotional tools you gave him for different stresses and environments while still catching him up educationally.  Thank you!" -- Parent, Okotoks, Alberta (Homeschool Support/Education Advocate)

Some of my students made some videos for you to see too - as you can tell - they REALLY enjoy being rewarded for their hard work! Most of the field trips they talk about are after 3 or 6 months of build up and achievement!

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