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Handy Links & App Ideas
To break it down and make it easier to follow:
                               check out our Classroom Links and Homeschool Links!

For BC Parents looking for online support or service providers in the Kamloops area, check out our homeschool links for details!

The apps we use to accommodate kids in the classroom as well as PD/ProD presentations we have created are listed below.

For Calgary Parents, still looking for a Reading Improvement opportunity - Please contact Meghan for a fabulous program!

Regular Use at Sharkey Support:
Reading A-Z (paid site)
Lesson Zone reading, history geography (paid site)
Starfall ABCs (free/paid areas)
Math-Drills (free site)
Worksheet Works  - Math, Language, Geography, Writing (free site)
Newsela - news at different reading levels (US content)
ReadWorks - reading units at various levels (US content)

Apps that we are using this year:
  • Notability (our digital binder)
  • ComicLife (check out the new update)
  • Math Drills
  • Socrative
  • Edmodo
  • Explain Everything
  • iWordQ
  • Google Drive, Docs, Slides
  • StopMotion 

Moving beyond just the writing assignment: Alternate Assessments

Presentations given by Sharkey Support:

Reading Development and Learning Differences - is PD/ProD available upon request

Master the iPad is PD/ProD available upon request

Very excited to present at Homeschool+ Conference August 2014 - Check out my presentation A Journey: Homeschooling Special Learning Needs

Our students were excited to participate in the Student Technology Conference January 31/2015! Our session was "Including me with the iPad"

Thank you for attending the CHILS conference in Calgary on March 14, 2015 - Please check out my slides here:


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